Tatiana Hair Extensions Manchester

Tatiana Hair Extensions’ reputation in the UK hair extension market is widely known with most of our Manchester hair extension business coming from referrals alone.

Clients choose Tatiana Hair Extensions in Manchester and Tatiana's London hair extension salon because we have simplified hair extensions. By only using virgin hair extensions of the highest quality, a superior attachment technique in Micro Rings and providing transparent pricing clients know what to expect before they sit down in the chair.

Tatiana Hair Extensions London   Tatiana Hair Extensions London

Whether your goal is to add length or volume, be it with Clip-In extensions or Micro Rings, Tatiana’s Manchester hair extensions boutique salon can accommodate both with ease.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions in Manchester

As demand for hair extensions in Manchester increase so does the number of different hair extension attachment techniques, but when you get to the bottom of it the decision on how to attach the hair generally comes down to a choice of glue, adhesive or Micro Rings. Micro Rings are generally accepted to be the safest attachment technique and yield the best result when used in conjunction with the best Russian hair extensions from the UK’s leading professional hair extension salon in Manchester.

Clip-In Hair Extensions in Manchester

The use of Clip-In extensions, hairpieces and wigs has been around since the days of Cleopatra and has been slowly evolving into a major industry as women seek to instantaneously beautify themselves by emulating the latest hair trends. Clip-in extensions can be a great temporary solution to achieve wondrous length, thickness and volume if they behave like your natural hair.  As the chosen Manchester Clip-In hair extension specialist for celebrities we pride ourselves on using only the very best, finest real human Russian hair ethically sourced from Russia and South America.